Outside of Canada Spousal Sponsorship – Fekrat El-wehedi

I have had the pleasure of hiring Mr. Hameed Alizada to help me with my wife’s sponsorship application. In those months he has showed a professional attitude in dealing with the application and demonstrated what I usually expect to see in a professional consultant this includes his attention to details and his consistent willingness to do his due diligence to ensure the completeness of my wife’s sponsorship file. Having him handle the application not only provided me  with the peace of mind during the preparation of the application but also his expertise on the matter, wisdom, and constant guidance even after the submission of the file. He has been instrumental in helping me and my wife  cope with the on-going application.

Fekrat El-wehedi

Canadian Citizenship Application – Farid Ainy

A friend of mine had used Pivotal Immigration for his Canadian Citizenship application and he suggested I also use Pivotal Immigration and so I did and I am happy to say that I found Hameed to be professional and his price for the service competitive. Hameed made the process hassle free for me. I had no worries or difficulties because Hameed kept me updated on my application. I highly recommend Pivotal Immigration.

Farid Ainy