Refugee Sponsorship – Barakziye Family

Our family in Calgary and Ontario wanted to sponsor our refugee family in India and we retained the services of Pivotal Immigration. We are grateful to Hameed for the immigration services his office provided in sponsoring our family. We are happy that today our sister and her four children are safe and happily living in Canada, thanks to Pivotal Immigration and our refugee sponsorship group.

Barakziye Family

Refugee Sponsorship – Khoshomad Family

I trusted Mr. Hameed Alizada at Pivotal Immigration with my family’s refugee sponsorship from Tajikistan. I found him to be reasonably priced and very knowledgeable. I had heard from my friends stories of submitted refugee applications being returned to them even after they had used lawyers and consultants all because the settlement income or the calculations were not adequate and this is something that should be calculated and be put in place correctly in the first place.

When my family’s application was accepted and their file was transferred to Ankara, Turkey for further processing, I was ever more grateful to Mr. Hameed for his advice on the correct amounts of refugee settlement funds and his correct work. I will continue to and have already referred him to many other people. Hameed knows what he is doing and doesn’t give false information or hopes.

Khoshomad Family