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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)


Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) required from visa-exempt nations.

The requirement to apply for a Canadian eTA came into effect on September 29, 2016.  A Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is required from people of more than 50 countries who can travel to Canada by air without a visa ( visa-exempt countries). This includes countries like Britain, Australia, European nations, Japan and other countries.

The eTA is essentially  to serve prescreening of individuals from these visa-exempt countries and it is intended to screen people who might pose a security risk to Canada or people who might stay in Canada longer than is legal. These people are essentially screen before boarding an airplane to Canada.

Visa Required Countries eTA Not Required

When temporary residents (foreign nationals) are authorized to enter and remain in Canada for a limited and temporary period they may need based on their country of nationality a temporary resident visa also knows simply as a visa. A visa allows foreign nationals admission to Canada and foreign nationals from certain countries (most countries) must apply for a visa before coming to Canada. Foreign nationals from these countries who need a visa (visa required country) they do not need a eTA because when applying for a visa, these individuals are checked for security risks and other risks before being granted a TRV (visa).

Visa Exempt Countries Require eTA

However, foreign nationals from countries that do not need a TRV (visa- exempt country) are usually countries that require instead an eTA. This includes countries like Britain, Australia, European nations, Japan and other countries. Once exception are the Citizens of the United States, U.S. citizens are exempt and do not require an eTA. The eTA essentially affects people coming to Canada by airplane from visa exempt countries.

ETA travellers arriving to Canada by land or by sea they don’t need an eTA because once they arrive in a land or sea port they will be screened on by Canadian Immigration Officials. The eTA is an online application process and it costs $7.00

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